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Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
Multi-discipline performance, Miami, Florida, December 2007


director: Janet Biggs

drummers: Blake Fleming, Kathryn Refi, Jude Tallichet

swimmers: Daiky Alfonso, Teresa Luis, Patricia Mitat, Larissa Perez

videographer: Stephanie Lempert

production: Bob Cmar, Stephanie Lempert, Ian Rubinstein



Special thanks to the performers for their creative inspiration, and to Claire Oliver, Matthew Garson and Robert Cmar for their unending support, and to the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club for their patience and hospitality.

Janet Biggs thanks all those who generously gave their time, expertise, energy, and equipment, including:

Nancy Solomon, Solomon Projects

The US Equestrian Vaulting Team

Todd Smith, Gibbes Museum

Patricia McCarver

The Citadel 2006 Summerall Guards

Andrea Inselmann

Karen Rohlf

Leena-Maija Rossi

Kari Soinio

JoAnna Mendl Shaw

Univerity of Newcastle, UK

Karen Berman

Lincoln Park Zoo

Gina Paolillo

MaryAlice White

The Julliard School

Islandia Farms

John Jay College

Genie Matherne


Ian Dury


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