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Space Between Fragility Curves (single-channel video)

Afar, 2016 (three channel video installation)

Written on Wax , 2016 (two-channel video installation)

Warning Shot , 2016 (single-channel video)

Can't Find My Way Home, 2015 (single channel video and four-channel video installation)

Persistence of Hope, 2015 (two-channel high definition video installation (sound, color).
With Arctic footage from Katja Aglert's Winter Event-antifreeze, 2009 (filmed by Janet Biggs).

Breathing Without Air, 2015 (single channel video)

Point of No Return, 2013 (single channel video)

Somewhere Beyond Nowhere, 2013 (two channel video installation)

Image from Janet Biggs Video Step On the Sun A Step On the Sun, 2012 (single channel video and five channel installation)

Image from Janet Biggs Video Brightness All Around Brightness All Around, 2011 (single channel video)

Image from Janet Biggs Video In the Cold Edge In the Cold Edge, 2010 (single channel video)

Image from Janet Biggs Video Fade to White Fade to White, 2010 (single channel video)

Image from Janet Biggs Video Duet Duet, 2010 (single channel video)

Image from Janet Biggs Video Vanishing Point Vanishing Point, 2009 (single channel video)

Janet Biggs video Coming Attraction, including motorcycles at the Bonneville Speed Trials, and bagpipers Coming Attractions, 2008 (single channel video)

Video still from "Enemy of the Good." 2007, Janet Biggs. Enemy of the Good, 2007 (single channel video)

Airs Above the Ground, 2007 (single channel video)

Performance of Desire, 2007 (single channel video)

Polar Bears - Amana Dream Anana Dream, 2006 (single channel video)

Solipsism Syndrome, 2006 (single channel video)

Predator / Prey, 2006 (two-channel installation)

Like Tears in Rain, 2006 (two-channel installation)

Fall on Me, 2006 (single channel video)

Mess Call Mess Call, 2006 (single channel video)

Behind the Vertical, 2006 (five-channel installation)

Center of Gravity Center of Gravity, 2006 (single channel video)

Bright Shiny Objects Bright Shiny Objects, 2004 (single channel video)

One-On-One One-On-One, 2004 (two-channel installation)

Carpe Diem, 2003-04 (two-channel installation)

Chamblee - Wrestlers Chamblee, 2003 (single channel video)

Tegretol - Wrestlers Tegretol, 2003 (two-channel installation)

Ativan, 2003 (three-channel installation)

Apraxia Single Channel Video by Janet Biggs  Apraxia,  2002 (single channel video)

Risperidone video installation by Janet Biggs - Football player  Risperidone, 2001 (three-channel installation)

Haldol video installation by Janet Biggs  Haldol, 2001  (three-channel installation)

Untitled video by Janet Biggs Untitled, 2001 (single channel video)

Ritalin video installation by Janet Biggs Ritalin, 2000  (four-channel installation)

Nordcap video artwork by Janet Biggs Nordcap, 2000  (three-channel installation)

BuSpar video installation by Janet Biggs BuSpar, 1999   (three-channel installation)

Flight, 1999 (four-channel installation)

Fritz and the Pink Ball, 1998 (single channel video)

Water Training  video installation by Janet Biggs Water Training, 1997 (two-channel installation)

Glacier Approach, 1997 (single channel video)

 Pleasure Ride, 1997 (two-channel installation)

Amanda On Top multimedia artwork by Janet Biggs Amanda on Top, Twins Below, 1996 (video with photo)

Girls and Horses video installation by Janet BiggsGirls and Horses, 1996 (ten-channel installation)

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